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Our Service

We are proud of our human resources, equipment and technological support, so we can design the most reliable processes and solutions for each of our customers, with the highest flexibility we can show in tailoring solutions to our unique customers, but not exceeds the limit of compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, and always prevents it from imposing an impact on the environment.

We offer our clients:

  • Profesional Waste Pick-up Service
  • Secure Transporter with tracking and controls
  • Tight Inventory Management Procedures, with fully administrations and bar-coding documentation
  • Fully automated Inventory and Destruction Process Reporting (Real Time Online Portal - Soon)
  • Tight quality control and yield consistency
  • A focus on Environmental health and safety at all facilities
  • Destruction certification provided for all materials processed

Turnkey Service

At Mukti, one of our unique services is based on "Turnkey Service", a very unique but important concept in waste management. Companies can transfer all their waste management from Mukti. We take a full spectrum of work related to waste handling and disposal which includes: Inventorization, sorting and gradation; Logistics to bring waste from different locations inside and outside the facility; Archiving of a disposal report; Secure disposal containing data.

E-Waste Disposal Management

Recovery Recycle Responsilbe

Responsibly recycling your end-of-life electronics through our e-waste removal services allows you to focus on maximizing your useable space, recovering assets, and pursuing more efficient information technology. Waste of Electronic electrical equipment can take up space and leave your company at risk if improperly disposed. With a wide range of tiered services we can pinpoint your needs and assess your risk and needs.


10 wheels Wingbox Truck, 6 wheels Box Delivery Truck, 10 wheels Dumptruck, 10.000 litre Tangker Truck

We have quite a lot of transporter fleets, and with various types that can be used and tailored to the needs of our customers.

Integrated Waste Management System

E-Waste & Industrial Waste

Our commitment is to have good and healthy environmental and created a continuously resources through an effective and efficiency process.

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